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6 high x 8 wide Magnum Wine Rack 6 high x 8 wide Magnum Wine Rack
6 high x 8 wide Magnum Wine Rack 6 high x 8 wide Magnum Wine Rack

6 high x 8 wide Magnum Wine Rack

Price $ 484.00

Connoisseur Wine Racks are designed for serious wine collectors. 

This rack will accommodate 48 Magnum bottles (4 dozen). 

Connoisseur racks are extremely strong and can handle the harshest of environments. 

They can be bolted together "side by side" or "back to back".  If your cellar has a very high ceiling - they can even be bolted on top of one another.

Should none of our standard size racks suit you, we can manufacture them to your specific size.

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  • Powder Coat: $143.00

 Materials of Manufacture

Connoisseur wine racks are manufactured using galvanised steel tube.  Standard racks are supplied with this "silver" finish.


6 high x 8 wide Connoisseur Magnum Racks are 100cm in height and 127cm in width.  8 high x 6 wide Magnum Racks are 130cm tall x 97cm wide.  A depth of 40cm is usually allowed for the magnums and clearance to the wall behind.

Powder Coating

Many of our customers order their racks with powder coating (over the galvanising) - especially if they are installing them in living or dining areas.  Satin Black is the standard powder coating colour - other colours are available (the additional price can be quoted on application).

Bottle Sizes

These racks will accommodate Magnum bottles (bottles with diameters up to 144mm).  Most Magnum wine bottles are 36cm tall.


Connoisseur wine racks consist of two steel frames with mesh welded within, 4 frame joiners and 2 wall brackets.  They are supplied complete with all necessary hardware and comprehensive installation instructions.  Racks are simply bolted together (10 bolts) and then fixed to your floor and wall.  The racks have holes enabling them to be bolted together side by side.  Racks can also be supplied with joiners allowing them to be located "back to back". 

We have a youtube video which shows how our racks are assembled - please click on the "Assembly" link under "Information" to view it.


Strip Racks are shipped "boxed".

We are located in Sydney.

Delivery times vary and can be estimated upon enquiry.

Pricing is dependent on the size and weight of your order and your location.

Our "Shopping Cart" system will include delivery in your checkout price (for most locations).  If it can't, we will receive your information and email you a quotation for your consideration.


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