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Sommelier Racks Sommelier Racks
Sommelier Racks Sommelier Racks

Sommelier Racks

Sommelier Racks are designed to make your wine storage area look beautiful.

They are custom made to suit the space you have available.

Bottles are stored on a tilt - may not be suitable for long term storage of wine bottles with corks (as the corks may not be in contact with the wine).  Screw capped wine will not have this issue.

Quote Only
Due to the nature of this item we are unable to provide pricing without further information from you. Please request a quotation and we will contact you to request the information necessary to provide a formal quotation.

Please email the dimensions of the area you want to locate your Sommelier Wine Racks in, and we will email you a formal quotation.

Sommelier Racks are shipped "boxed" in timber.

We are located in Sydney.

Delivery times vary and can be estimated upon enquiry.

Pricing is dependent on the size and weight of your order and your location.

We will include delivery in your quotation.

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