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Support/ FAQ

My cellar has a sloping floor - How can I install your racks on a slope? We would recommend you pack up the feet using polypropylene packers which we can supply. If there is a large difference in height from 1 side of the rack to the other (possibly a step) we can manufacture the rack with different height legs or we also have a fitting which can be used to adjust the rack height accordingly - height adjusting foot.

The wall I have is 2.7m tall and 3.6m wide - can you make a single rack for this space? Sorry - we cannot. A rack this size would be almost impossible to handle in our factory and during transport. We would supply 3 standard racks for this space - each 24 bottles high x 9 bottles wide. These racks would occupy 2.54m in height and 2.91m in width. We could also supply a custom rack 24 high x 6 wide - to fill the remaining space.

Will Champagne bottles fit in your racks? Most Champagne Bottles will fit in our standard racking - as the bottle diameter is only slightly larger than a normal "bordeaux" bottle. Any bottle with a diameter less than 94mm will fit in our standard racking. Magnum racking can accommodate bottles with diameters up to 144mm. Common Wine Bottle Shapes and Sizes

I have some small bottles (piccolo or split) bottles - will they fit in your racks? We have an accessory which will allow them to fit in our racks - small bottle support. They will also support some "different" magnum bottles in our magnum racks.

There is only a small opening to my cellar - How can I determine if your racks will fit in? Our racks are supplied as two frames and can be moved through the opening on their sides. Please view this drawing. If you advise the size of the opening and the racks you want to install we can tell you if they will fit in.

Do I need any special hardware or tools to install my racks? We supply all necessary hardware with our racks. You will need an adjustable spanner, an electric or battery drill and possibly a hammer for the installation. Please view the "Assembly" web page to view a Youtube video showing how the racks are assembled.

How do the racks work in corners? Please view this drawing which shows how racks can be located to maximise storage.

I like the look of your 20 bottle tall x 10 bottle wide racks but my ceiling height is 2.1m. Will these racks fit? These racks are 2.1m tall but we can reduce the height of the legs by up to 3cm to make sure they will fit in your cellar.

Does the price include installation? Pricing is for supply only. Installation is quite simple and can be undertaken by a handyman, carpenter or builder. All necessary hardware is supplied with the racks.

If the information above does not answer your question Please ask us and we will get back to you with an answer (usually within 1 working day).


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